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Process Overview

» Process Overview

Purchasing A Kohler Generator

Here at Mazurek Generators, we want every part of your process in buying a power generator to be straightforward and easy to understand. Therefore, we want to inform every potential customer of what they can expect when they decide to do business with us.

Phase One: Before Your Purchase

  • Visit the Before You Call Us Page and gather important information
  • Call the Mazurek office and speak to a friendly trained representative who will help you decide if you are ready for a site visit
  • Appointment is made to have a Mazurek technician visit your home

SITE VISIT: We assess your power needs and prospective location for the generator. We also determine a potential plan for install, incorporating any special requests you may have. Additionally, we address options for the fuel source for the generator as well. A Mazurek technician will provide you with a quote at the end of the site visit.

After Phase One is completed, we let the customer make their important decision about buying a power generator. This is a big decision and you can rest easy knowing we will never try to push you or “sell” you on buying a home generator. If you decide to purchase, you will then move into Phase Two of the process.

Phase Two: Installation

  • Equipment availability is assessed and installation schedule is determined
  • Payment for generator and transfer switch is collected
  • Equipment is ordered and permits specific to your city are acquired
  • Customer will be updated regularly about the progress of their generator delivery
  • If concrete pad is needed, Mazurek will pour slab while waiting for equipment delivery
  • Upon delivery of equipment, the customer is notified and the installation schedule is confirmed
  • A Mazurek technician will deliver equipment to your home and complete installation as per schedule

After your new Kohler generator has been installed, we then take the time to teach each customer how to operate and maintain the home generator. Phase Three is entirely focused on educating each customer and making sure they are comfortable with their new generator and that they have had an outstanding customer service experience with Mazurek.

Phase Three: After Installation    

  • Customer will be educated as to operation and maintenance of their new generator.
  • Maintenance contract will be offered at this time.
  • The unit will be tested to customer’s satisfaction
  • Customer will be instructed on equipment operation
  • Customer’s satisfaction overall will be verified
  • Final Payment

Nothing in our process is more important than our customers and their satisfaction.
Not even the money. Which is why we do all inclusive pricing and don’t offer financing.

We know if we take care of our customers, they’ll take care of us.
Fully satisfied and happy customers will pay us the ultimate compliment and tell their friends about their experience with Mazurek.
Rest assured, your happiness will always will be the most important step in our entire process.