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Before You Call

Please look over the three steps below to get all the information you need when calling our office. This will help us assist you in making choices about your new Kohler generator.

» Before You Call

Preparing For The Generator Buying Process

1. Determine Your Power Needs

In the event of an unexpected loss of power, what level of comfort are you seeking? Are you interested in powering your whole house, essential circuits (ie. refrigerator, sump pump, basic lighting, garage door), or somewhere in between?

Calculate the amount of power you desire in your generator here: Wattage Worksheet PDF

After you determine the amount of electricity you will need, we can help you decide what size generator would best fit your needs.

2. Know Your Home

Please be able to answer these important questions about your home so we can have all the information we need to give you the best advice about purchasing the appropriate power source.

Is your heating system gas               Y or N
Is your water heater gas                    Y or N
Is your dryer gas                                Y or N
Is your cook stove gas                      Y or N
Do you have a well pump                Y or N

How many furnace units do you have?
How many A/C units do you have? [size in tons] ____, ______, _____
What is the size of your main breaker or breakers?
How many refrigerators do you have?
How many freezers do you have?
How many water heaters?

If you have an all electric house, do you have access to city natural gas or do you live in a rural location with the option for a propane or diesel tank to be installed?

3. Dollars and Sense

A professionally installed standby system can start as low as $8,500.00 but there is no set price because every home is set up differently.

We truly care about our customers best interest and long term happiness. Therefore, we do not offer financing because even small payments can sometimes be a burden to a family when times get tough.  We would encourage our customers to save up their money to buy a standby generator and then make the purchase.

Mazurek Generators will be here when you are ready to make the decision to make your debt free purchase of a Kohler generator.

Once you have gathered this information, please give us a call at Mazurek Generators.

If you need any help determining these answers, let us know. We take pride in making your generator purchase easy and one you’ll enjoy for years to come!