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Frequently Asked Questions

» Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Can I run my whole house with a generator?
Yes. Generators come in a variety of sizes and voltages.  A generator must be sized for the load that is going to be applied to it, therefore determining the electrical load of your home is essential


Q. Can’t I just turn off my A/C or heat when the generator comes on to keep from having to buy a bigger generator?
A standby generator comes on automatically even when you are not there.  That means if you are not home when the generator comes on all of the automatic load that normally operates will be running off of the generator such as A/C and heat, refrigerator, freezer, pool equipment, irrigation systems and well pumps, and water heaters.  You have to size the unit large enough to automatically control the loads that are applied.


Q. Will the generator go off by itself?
Yes, the generator will come on when the utility power goes off and go off when the utility power comes on.


Q. Do I have to have an automatic transfer switch?
Yes, for a standby generator that comes on automatically you must have an automatic transfer switch to disconnect your home from the utility company and connect your home to the generator


Q. Do you service Kohler generators, even if it wasn’t purchased from you?
We service Kohler generators regardless if we did the initial install or not.  We offer annual, semi-annual or more frequent maintenance if your situation requires it.  Consider partnering with us to keep your investment running correctly.


Q. Can I put the generator in my garage?
No, generators are operated by a combustion engine and carbon monoxide is produced in the exhaust.


Q. What kind of maintenance do I need to do on my generator after it is installed?
Various generators have different maintenance schedules, but all share the need to have oil levels maintained to insure long engine life and if applicable coolant levels as well.