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Kohler Commercial Generators

Residential and Commercial generators are very similar.  The way to determine which generator best fits your needs is by deciding how much power you want your generator to provide. Don’t let the term “commercial” or “home” confuse you. Some homes may need a large amount of power, whereas a business may have their needs met with a home generator if they do not have a large load to serve.

commercial generator

Commercial Generator

Commercial Generators vs. Residential Generators

There a few simple distinctions between Commercial and Residential Generators that are worth noting.

  1. Commercial generators are typically higher voltage than residential
  2.  Three phase power (typically present in commercial buildings – but can be present in residential)

Determining which generator your home or business needs can be done by a licensed professional from the Mazurek team.

Diesel Generators

We offer diesel powered generators from 10kw to 3250kw for home, business or industry.

Diesel Generator

Diesel Generator









Natural Gas or Propane Generators

We offer Natural Gas and Propane  powered generators from 25kw to 400kw for home, business or industry.

Gas Generator






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