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Generator Safety Tips

With severe winter storms raging all over the U.S., many households are losing power and turning to standby generators to stay warm. Generators are incredibly useful during power outages and emergencies, but it’s smart to know how to safely operate a generator before disaster strikes. If you follow these standby generator safety tips, you can […]

Prepare for Ice Storm Power Outages

Unfortunately, blackouts are a fact of life in Texas. The Lone Star State consistently ranks among the top states with the most annual power outages. Just this month, about 14,000 energy customers lost power in West Texas due to an ice storm. Don’t let your home be next! Prepare yourself before the next storm as […]

Kohler Makes Consumer Reports’ Top 3 in Generators!

As you’ll find out on several pages of our website, here at Mazurek we sell Kohler generators. The reason we’re loyal to this brand is simply one of quality. We believe Kohler generators are some of the best in the industry. We’ve done our homework and have years of experience installing all types of generators […]